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The Real Estate sector, despite the well-known ups and downs of the global market, is still attractive here in Moldova, due to the cost/benefit ratio, certain product types that are still not saturated in the market, and legal regulations that protect the income.

In contrast to other European capitals, the cost per square meter of an apartment in the city center differs little from the cost of an apartment in the suburbs (EUR 1,500 to 2,000 as opposed to 1,000 to 1,200). On the other hand, demand for rent in the center as opposed to the suburbs is increasing for several reasons:

-big influx of students for Moldovan and foreign universities, also as a result of the creation of an IT Technology Park that has permanently attracted many foreign Companies always looking for new IT graduates residing in Moldova;

-growing spread of the trade in Moldovan wines (the true flagship of this Country), with expansion to foreign markets and the simultaneous organization of events and trade fairs that have created a real ‘wine tourism’;

-in view of the contingent geopolitical situation, there is an increasing demand for accommodation or offices for diplomatic personnel or those working for International Organization’s;

-increasing flow of immigrants who, having abandoned the Ukrainian territories, see Moldova (a bilingual Romanian-Russian population) as an attractive territory not so much for temporary shelter (in this they prefer Western Europe) as for permanent settlement and the transfer of their business activities, also due to linguistic affinities and relative proximity to the abandoned territories.

For all these reasons, the strong pressure on housing demand has kept the cost of an overnight stay in the Capital high and raised the cost of rents, benefiting brick investors.

Regarding the legal regulations protecting the investor, without going into specific details, it should be noted that in Moldova rental contracts, both to tenants as natural and legal persons, are very flexible and adaptable to the needs of the landlord, who can in fact repossess the use of a property very quickly if the tenant defaults on the contract.

The rental market is therefore very elastic and dynamic, and more and more visitors are looking for short- and middle-term accommodation other than what hotels offer.

Finally, if the price of real estate has held up to the hypothetical fall resulting from the proximity to war territories, it seems conceivable that as the geopolitical situation improves, property prices could rise significantly.


From a single flat (new or in need of renovation) to the choice of multiple centralised or dislocated leases depending on the investor’s target

Offices and Commercial Spaces

uffici commerciali moldavia

Areas for manufacturing production or storage of goods

stoccaggio merci Moldavia


terreni Moldavia


The real estate services offered by Ataieu, thanks to its long experience in the field, are able to provide comprehensive all-round assistance.

In order to organize the design, construction and finally management aspects of the property, we make use of partners with proven experience in the field.

In detail, we can offer:

  • An Advisor service in the identification of concrete Real Estate projects;
  • Organization of the project and construction, following you from the first to the last brick, right up to furnishing and income generation;
  • Property management, whether large or small, to safeguard your investment, with periodic reports that make you happy with our meeting;
  • Organizing buying groups for specific projects.


First, the yield of a rented property is around 8%-10% per year, thus leading to a very good return on the initial investment.

Obviously, it differs for long or short-term rental accommodation, or for commercial areas.

Here are some examples in 2022:

-50m2 accommodation (new or renovated) in the center yields 500-700 euro/month

-office in a central area 10-15 euro/m2/month

-warehouse for storage or manufacturing 3-5 euro/m2/month

At present (2023) we believe that the Real Estate price has stabilized as a result of the geopolitical and economic shock suffered by Moldova; this price corresponds to the intrinsic value of the materials and labour involved in the realization of the property, so we consider it a consolidated reference price that is difficult to erode.

The foreigner can purchase a property either as a natural person or as a legal person.

This choice obviously conditions the investor’s state taxation regime and should be dealt with specifically depending on the investor’s place of tax residence and the presence or absence of bilateral agreements between that state and Moldova.

For example, for tax relations between Italy and Moldova there is a bilateral treaty that avoids double taxation and defines the criteria for taxation in each country for an Italian citizen or company.

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