Business internationalization consultancy

Ataieu provides services to direct companies to more markets, create opportunities, and grow internationally.


Through this process, we prepare your company to enter new markets by understanding the cultural, legal, and economic environment of the target country in order to create a competitive product or service.


We offer a strategic business internationalization consulting service that helps companies design, develop, implement and manage their action plan.

Our goal is to guide businesses to reach their full potential, using our extensive knowledge, experience, creativity and passion.

We provide assistance in entering foreign markets, including strategy development and pre-entry research.

In addition, we help with economic development, marketing, human resources management, and other areas where knowledge of the local environment can make a real difference.


The process offered by Ataieu for the internationalization of companies includes a few main services:

  • Search for business partners and possible funding/contributions;
  • Assistance in setting up the Company, Branch or Representative Office;
  • Ongoing assistance with administrative, tax and customs requirements;
  • Personnel search and selection services according to specific needs;
  • Logistics services for the production, commercial and service sectors (production areas, warehouses, offices and hospitality);
  • Product storage or display solutions as well as transport;


In addition to the possibility of increasing turnover by turning to Countries across the border, it allows us to diversify our risks away from territories that have already completed their major growth phase and are now saturated.

In our case, we can count on a strategic geographic location, and a very low labour cost, as well as taxation.

Added to this are business opportunities that would be difficult to access by staying in the country of origin, as we can count on a business and bureaucratic environment that is much less suffocating than that of Western Europe.

These elements are therefore able to provide the basis for occupying a market segment where few competitors can reach.

Our work is designed to enable you to reap all these advantages.


A company that relies exclusively on the strength of its own brand to enter foreign markets (albeit a solid one at home), neglecting to analyze the critical success factors, is destined to fail to achieve its objectives within the set time and costs.

A good Business Plan takes into account local factors that are difficult to standardize at the table, such as the quality of the goods required with respect to the market positioning and therefore of the local Competitors, or the different Commercial Distribution Policies, the different Marketing communication (correlated to a different cultural background) and even the fiscal variables of the country system.

All notions that are sometimes ‘unwritten’ but well known to those operating in the area.

The process of business internationalization therefore implies not only a mere commercial presence in foreign markets, but a real change in strategic vision; a vision built on preliminary information that can only be found locally by professionals rooted in the sector.

In this context, we are convinced that we offer the tools to build a sincere and mature vision.

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