The company Ataieu Srl has been operating since 2018 in the Moldovan territory and stems from the founder’s desire to create a reality capable of helping small and medium-sized European companies to internationalize.

The original idea and mission of the company starts from three precise constatations:

The internationalization of business represents the only real alternative to the impoverishment of the European domestic market, which is increasingly squeezed by foreign competition, falling consumption, bureaucracy and, last but not least, suffocating tax pressure.

The absence on the market of a real ‘turnkey’ service that accompanies the entrepreneur through all the stages necessary for relocation, from understanding the political-economic system of the foreign country to the logistical and administrative organization of the company in the new territory.

The desire to offer companies the advantages linked to a profound knowledge and interaction that the founder of the company has acquired over time in relation to the economic and social dynamics of Moldova.

In such a context, our company, also with the collaboration of professional firms, has begun to operate as a true internationalization incubator.


  • Small and medium-sized enterprises that want to internationalize in areas outside the EU;
  • Businesses that need a new logistics base (production or commercial);
  • Businesses that want to export the production of certain products (tertiary);
  • Individual Professionals who want to take advantage of competitive services;
  • All those who are looking for real estate investments that are still profitable.


Registered Office: Chisinau, MD-2025, str. Acad. Natalia Gheorghiu 30, of 262

Operational Headquarters: located in the center of the capital Chisinau, exactly at Sciusev Street No. 105, in the prestigious Embassy area.

Logistic Headquarters:a location of approximately 2000 square meters of indoor space in an area that is 8 km from the center of the capital (in the town of Ialoveni) in a strategic area for road traffic, proximity to customs and the airport.

Ancillary Locations: Ataieu srl has some flats in the center of Chisinau and Ialoveni to offer support to those who wish to visit us for a first-hand acquaintance with our human staff, services and facilities.